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09-19-2012, 01:14 PM
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- I kind of disagree about only 3 crazy contracts this summer. Prust, anyone? There is no reason for Seguin and Hall getting that kind of money as non-arb RFAs. Sather has the cash and he's using his leverage on MDZ. The poster child of unchecked spending is one of a few GMs that plays hardball with RFAs.

The GMs were scrambling on Saturday to ink a contract hoping a rollback is possible. Players were rushing to sign before drastic limits get implemented.

- Yeah, I suppose fans are a bit more anti-player this week. But the League's first offer was on another planet. The players, philosophically, started with a creative offer. Structurally, it has the components to get something done: limited player salary growth, phased reduction, increased revenue sharing. The numbers were high, but for a first offer following the League's abomination, it was expected.

It's about perception, but the league is getting props for simply making a realistic offer. They got as close to the middle as the PA, but the union is taking heat.

-It's a slow process and fans are imploding over it. But the deal is there. Expect the Union to make a very realistic, very cooperative offer. There's 700 members and, as Rangerboy put it, a sneaky commissioner. It's doesn't happen overnight. It'd be nice if they locked themselves in a room a month ago but this is how sports negotiations go.

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