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09-19-2012, 02:00 PM
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First, Katz threat to move is non-credible. There is nowhere better to move, and half the league is in a worse financial position than Edmonton and want the few available locations for themselves. This is doubly so when you consider the abismal product that the Oilers have put on the ice since the lockout. The Oilers arn't even fake NHL .500 since the lockout, compiling a record of 248-261-65 in that timeframe.

Second, the Arena cost does not need to be anywhere near $450 mil, this is a bloated project greased with public money for private profit, and should be opposed. I can see it costing upwards of $300 mil for a credible, modern arena, but the rest of the money is pure bloat.

Third, Edmonton has more money than Winnipeg (this is a city which is nearly twice as large), and should be able to build a new arena with private money and turn a profit. IMHO, the only subsidy that the City of Edmonton should provide is demolition of the current arena to give the new Arena a monopoly, and for a light rail station at/near the Arena. The rest should be left to private funds.

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