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Originally Posted by Egil View Post
First, Katz threat to move is non-credible. There is nowhere better to move, and half the league is in a worse financial position than Edmonton and want the few available locations for themselves. This is doubly so when you consider the abismal product that the Oilers have put on the ice since the lockout. The Oilers arn't even fake NHL .500 since the lockout, compiling a record of 248-261-65 in that timeframe.

Second, the Arena cost does not need to be anywhere near $450 mil, this is a bloated project greased with public money for private profit, and should be opposed. I can see it costing upwards of $300 mil for a credible, modern arena, but the rest of the money is pure bloat.

Third, Edmonton has more money than Winnipeg (this is a city which is nearly twice as large), and should be able to build a new arena with private money and turn a profit. IMHO, the only subsidy that the City of Edmonton should provide is demolition of the current arena to give the new Arena a monopoly, and for a light rail station at/near the Arena. The rest should be left to private funds.
This is not just an arena. I don't know how many times I have to make that clear. If it's just the arena we were talking about here it would have been covered by the $170M that Katz has invested in ($70M in land acquisition and the committed $100M for the arena). Where the problem lies is in the external necessities that are imperative to ensure the success of a revitalization including the office towers, condos, etc. These additions benefit Edmonton and its citizens directly and that's why the city has been asked to jump in with construction costs (Which will be paid for by the levy).

Originally Posted by Cap'n Flavour View Post
Taxpayers should cough up for a new arena, of course - as long as it's publicly owned and rented out to the Oilers for a competitive rate. But this is apparently blasphemy.

By the way, for anyone seriously arguing that Edmonton should give in to Katz, try to find a study that shows that publicly funded arenas are not only revenue positive but also have a better return than infrastructure spending. I'd love to see it.
The arena is just one part of the district. There is more to this than just an arena.

Originally Posted by Free View Post
Edmonton will always have a hockey team.

Even if the Oilers move, which would be a tragedy, there would be probably 25 other owners dying to move their teams to Edmonton.

Edmonton is probably per-capita the richest city in North America and one of the craziest about hockey. It's just way too profitable for it to not exist.

As long as people want oil, Edmonton will have a team.
Nope. No team is going to willingly come into a situation where they have to live in Rexall place with Northlands sucking up all the profits. They'd want a new arena and will likely be built on the outskirts of the city like Glendale and Ottawa. That helps nobody and Katz learned from those cities that bad arena location is a bad investment.

Originally Posted by Puckschmuck View Post
I don't believe that City council have warmed up to a ticket tax idea, which hasn't been discussed in the media in awhile. And besides, this doesn't make up for him not wanting to pay his fair share of property taxesm which will fall on the shoulders of tax-paying Edmontonians for the rest of their lives.

Sorry, billionairs need to pay their taxes just like everyone else.
Oh well. I guess the facts that they will pay property tax went completely over your head.

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