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12-05-2003, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by neogeo69
pffft! Armchair GM's indeed. Anyone of you guys have any NHL experience and know how to win? Nope. just a whole bunch of Armchair GM/fans.

The Oilers 5 v 5 is fine. They're in a slump now, but they were doing fantastic five games ago and they will again. What's killing them is not the PP, its the PK. If the PK can hold off the powerplays, then the Oiler win or tie these past several games. you asked DB how can the PK improve? Reasoner. We're missing our #1 faceoff guy, our best checking centre and PK dude. And his name isn't Marchant, its Reasoner.

As for the PP, I have faith that Lowe's signing of Oates will pay off. It just takes more than 3 games for Oates to mesh with the PP unit. Hopefully he can help direct where people should be and he should be able to help the faceoff percentages.
my beloved ignoranus, what do you mean whats killing us is not our PP, its our PK. if this team only had one singular problem, we would be fine; unfortunately, we have numerous problems, PP might not be our biggest problem, but when you have a 5-on-3, and then a 6-on-4, you have to capitalize, Minny was struggling just as much as the Oilers were. yes injury and departures have set us back, but Reasoner doesnt play on our PP does he. We have more than enough firepower to be able to at the very least get a high percentage shot on the PP. Smyth, Hemsky, Oates, York, Dvorak and Bergeron among others should atleast be creating oppertunities for themselves, but they arent, they arent doing anything right now.

So lets agree to disagree, the PP sucks, the PK sucks, and my vacuum sucks.

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