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Name: Lisa

Location: Nashville TN, live in Hermitage

Occupation: Work at an animation house. My job specifically is "Secretary Treasurer" combined with HR/Payroll/AP/AR/Insurance, etc. If it doesn't involve animating, I do that. I also feed the cat, who is, incidentally, the model for the Predator in the very first Preds animation.

Preds Fan Since: 1997 We did the roll out of the name "Nashville Predators"

All-Time Favorite Pred: Cale Hulse, duh.

Favorite Current Pred: Hmmm. Shea's gotta prove himself to me, so I'll say Sergei. But I love them all.

Most Memorable Preds Moment: The first playoff game.

Best Trade: No clue. Some trades seem great for awhile then tarnish over time. Remember when we were all so stoked over Marek Zidlicky for Dunham?

Worst Trade: Don't know about worst, but my least favorites were: Eric Belanger before we even got to see him suit up, Tomas Vokoun for anything or anybody, and Hartnell.

Best UFA Signing: Paul Kariya

Worst UFA Signing: No clue

Jerseys Owned: White from second or third year, Blue from about a year later, Mustard Kariya, son owns a Mustard Dunham I wear for reverse the losses mojo, blue third, new blue, Gold Also have a signed Cale Hulse white from 2/25/03 which is probably significant to only 3 people.

Favorite Sport Other than Hockey: Football but it's a distant second.

Favorite Movie: Currently AFTER since we did the special effects (you should go see it!) but other than that, Blazing Saddles.

Favorite Music: I guess I like rock the best but I like a large variety of music. I prefer the peppier songs, stuff that makes you want to dance and sing along, but my favorite singers are probably David Bowie, Ian Anderson and (RIP) the old INXS. Was a HUGE Alice Cooper fan in HS and college. Edit: Can't believe I forgot White Stripes and the Hives. Them too!

Favorite Place To Sit at A Game: Far far away from marching bands.

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