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Originally Posted by silvercanuck View Post
I never liked that system. Why should the same poorly managed teams go to the front of line and continue to hog high draft picks when no hockey has been played? How is it fair that Edmonton could draft first overall 4 years in a row and have won 5 Cups in the last 30 years?

The draft should be set up in such a way that distributes lottery picks to all teams that miss the playoffs or have never won a cup.

If I were to design a lockout lottery system every team would start off with 8 balls. You lose two balls for every 1st over all pick and one ball for every 2nd or 3rd overall pick you've had in the last ten years. You then lose 2 balls for every Stanley Cup you've won in the last 35 years and one ball for every Cup final appearance in the last 15 years.
I like it to be honest, I agree with the fact the lower end teams get the higher opportunities to pick up the earlier picks. Yeah you could make the point that these picks are "wasted" when going to poorly managed teams but imagine how bad a team like Calgary would be if all their picks were coming from the 25-30 range!
Under this system the likelyhood of Edmonton getting 1st overall is exactly the same as us getting it thanks to the fact they've had the last couple so would only be getting one ball.
tbh I'm all for it.

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