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09-19-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
Because the teams are bankrupting themselves. NJ is having all kinds of financial problems and that didn't stop them from signing Kovalchuk. This is the same thing as with the last lockout, the owners show no financial responsibility with these contracts (insane for a group of billionaires) and they want to be bailed out of their own stupidity by giving it to the players in the butt. Do the owners forget they they are footing the bill for a a franchise to keep it afloat? That should be a reminder to the teams that can afford these huge contracts that maybe they shouldn't be giving them out.

Besides, wasn't this the whole point of the feckin' salary cap (and the last lockout)? To keep teams from being able to spend wildly (i.e. protect them from themselves)? Fail.
It was but clearly there are loopholes that some teams are exploiting at the expense of the lower revenue teams. If the revenue goes up (along w/ the CAP and CAP floor) because big market teams or even the NJD's of the league keep spending wildly, how is that fair for the smaller market teams?

Something needs to happen to keep those teams afloat or they just need to start contracting or moving teams to more profitable markets. Bettman doesn't want them moved and the players don't want them contracted. Something has to give. But again, it is my opinion that the guys with the money have the power. In that article that Burnside wrote, I believe he made mention that the NHL players get a bigger percentage than the other three major sports in the US. There has to be a way to bridge that gap but for the NHLPA to put off negotiations until the 11th hour tells me they weren't negotiating in good faith from the get go.

I'm not blaming the players for everything because the owners have made this a mess but I fail to see how the players come out of this as winners right or wrong.

Originally Posted by Bandit View Post
If every year at your performance review, your boss came to you and said "we need you to take a little less, just be happy you still have a job", would you be cool with that? Somehow I doubt it.
No but what recourse do any of us have? That is why the players are out of touch with reality and why a lot of fans can't sympathize with them. I can not relate to their problems nor the owners. But again, the guys with the money have the power and they didn't get their money owning a hockey team. They more than likely have all the time in the world to wait this out.

Originally Posted by Pucknut50 View Post

You just cannot lie down and cry uncle. Players don't expect to get 100% of what they want. They are just making a point and willing to sit out until the owners give something. This strike will end like every other strike just the time frame is the question. Sit back and wait it out. I love hockey like everyone else here but for me life does not begin and end with Hockey. Well some of you it may but for me I have college football, Pro football, Baseball, basketball, running a business, helping kids with homework, a wife, and trying to get my ass up and stay in shape. I refuse to cry or be angry.
It isn't the end of the world and quite frankly, I'm a lot less disappointed this time. In fact, I actually expected this and would not be shocked to see the season cancelled again. That is pathetic though. The owners and players are entitled to run their business into the ground if that is what they want to do. I'm voting with my wallet and will take a year off spending money on the NHL the minute a regular season game is cancelled. That is my choice and I hope other fans will do the same. At the end of the day, what happens to the players and owners isn't of any consequence to me except for the fact that I may not get to watch the NHL this year. That is their choice and mine to tell them that I don't appreciate it. If people did actually boycott like they did in baseball following that strike, they might actually think about us next time. Maybe... I won't hold my breath.

If you haven't already, read the Burnside article because he basically pointed the finger at everyone involved and that is the truth. It is a slap in the face to the fans that shell out tons of money year in and year out. Especially Kings fans who watched a lot of miserable hockey over the years up until the past few seasons.

Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
You should post this on the main board.

A little talk from a star player that went thru the last lockout.

The players can whine all they want, but they don't realize how good they have it.
And he can't be the only one. The lockout basically sent Jeremey Roenick and Brett Hull into retirement. That is partially their fault but they can't stop their bodies from aging. I think a lot of players shared Modano's feelings after the last lockout. It just makes me wonder what the player believe they'll get out of it this time?

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