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09-19-2012, 03:57 PM
Joe Cole
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Splintering is a fact of life for wood blades. There is no getting around it.

As for tape wearing out, you can wax your tape (take an old candle and rub it along the tape). This prevents water from soaking the tape (and the blade too) and allow ing the tape and blade to get fragile and rip/shred.

Seriously, the $50 composite stick is the answer. It is not the equivalent of the expensive composite, nor the feel of the good ol' wood stick, but for a beginner, it is lighter, more durable and you will not really be able to feel a disadvantage in feel at the beginner level.

Once you are not a beginner, there is only a rare chance you would stay with a wood stick.

No one plays with tube bladed leather skates anymore either.

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