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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
Roy was incredible in the 96 playoffs. Red Wings broke the regular season record, Russian Five was tearing the league apart, and he stopped them. Give the devil his due.
Gotta agree. I couldn't stand Roy and his arrogance but you learned to have a begrudging respect for him when you saw what he could do in the playoffs against your favourite team.

He made that Avs team into an instant contender when he was traded there. Maybe the Avs would have struggled to get over the hump like the Red Wings did if they only had an average goalie instead of that cocky brick wall in net. I hated Roy after '96 and thought he was doing it again after game 1 in '97.

I always thought he inflated the reputations of a lot of his teammates. Often times goaltending seems to be everything in the playoffs and it can make a forward or d teammate appear to be clutch while the opposition appears to be a choker when in fact it's just the goalie standing on his head.

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