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12-05-2003, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Rodent
I'll take your word for it. I have no wish to fight. Thanks for taking the time to pacify the situation.

JC, You just brought up the "lawyer" thing and while I recognise that this is not the place for a debate on what went down, I feel it is only fair I get to respond to a mistake you just made.

I never threatened to sue.

I told him he could explain that point of view to the judge when I have my lawyer force him to take it down.


JC, I don't know what you do for a hobby or a living. Maybe you paint murals or write books or build fancy motorcycles. But if I ripped whatever it was that you do and called it my product, you would take issue with what I did, would you not? And if you asked me to stop and I told you to ***** off because of "free speech" or "first amendment", I suspect you'd be pretty pissed, would you not?

But you did bring the issue up, JC and I felt it only fair that I get to correct what you said about me.
I'll be quick with my response as I would rather talk hockey too.
Sorry I miscontrued you saying you'd have him in court as you'd sue him.

One thing I'm saying is that I never thought that you were in the wrong. No doubt what he did was wrong and even when I read his post I thought he wrote it. You had every right to take up action with him. The problem is that at some point this all became public on the boards. That should never have happened. We knew him through his posts on this board so he was gonna get the benefit of the doubt from us. Your first post, although with right intentions in mind, was about this unfortunate issue and as I said was less then congenial. Just as you got defensive about your column, we got defensive about our fellow poster. No big deal, just wanted to let you know where I (maybe the royal we) are coming from.

One more thing. I'm a meteorologist (no I don't build fancy motorcycles although I wish I did as chicks dig bikes!) so I'm used to people taking what I do and claiming it for their own.

Now lets talk hockey!

On the line combo's, like I said before, you can never tell what's gonna work until it's actually tried. Hell, I've seen every line combo known to man proposed over the past few years on this board. Who's to say what will work and what won't.....Lindros with Fleury and York?!? that will never work as the wingers aren't the type to play Lindros' style. Rucinsky-Holik-Kovalev. What are you thinking putting our best defensive foward with our best offensive foward and a guy that it makes no sense to play with either of them! Of course most of us knew that the Hlavac-Nedved-Kovie line was just gonna light the league on fire.

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