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09-19-2012, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post

But how does that make a competitive league? Well, I think in the NHL's eyes...they want everyone one day, every team to be able to spend to the cap. That way EVERYONE is competitive.
As it should be, and the only way that is going to happen is with revenue sharing among the teams.

Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post

With unlimited spending what's to keep the New York Rangers from throwing ungoldy money at every single free agent
Nothing. I don't think I said I was for that did I?

Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post
Will people for the love of god please stop comparing this to every day jobs and every day American living.

These guys are the furthest from it. This is a special circumstance. Very special. You can't even begin to compare my 9.75 an hour, 800 dollars a month part time job in retail to a professional hockey player making 600K on a league minimum contract. You can't compare a performance review of an NHL player who has an agent, two houses, and an advertising deal with Reebok to a guy who works 9-5 for 45k a year as a mechanic.

You aren't even comparing apples and oranges at this point, or even apples and are comparing apples and quantum physics.
Sorry man, but I disagree with you on this completely. Just because the pay scale changes doesn't mean the principles do. It's not about "relating" to the average American. The same applies to doctors, lawyers, and your aforementioned mechanics, teachers, whatever. People are compensated according to the demand for their services. These guys are top 1% at what they do and they are compensated accordingly, but it doesn't mean they should get bent over by their boss whenever just because you and your $9.75/hr job think they should be able to get by with less. If you really want to do something about it, get your ass to the gym 20-30 hours a week, spend every other waking hour for 15 years at a rink developing your game, and then go play in the NHL for less to drive salaries down.

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