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09-19-2012, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Bandit View Post

Sorry man, but I disagree with you on this completely. Just because the pay scale changes doesn't mean the principles do. It's not about "relating" to the average American. The same applies to doctors, lawyers, and your aforementioned mechanics, teachers, whatever. People are compensated according to the demand for their services. These guys are top 1% at what they do and they are compensated accordingly, but it doesn't mean they should get bent over by their boss whenever just because you and your $9.75/hr job think they should be able to get by with less. If you really want to do something about it, get your ass to the gym 20-30 hours a week, spend every other waking hour for 15 years at a rink developing your game, and then go play in the NHL for less to drive salaries down.

Well, yes and no. Of course the principle is similar, but their pay scale is also out of whack with the general public, it's hard to take the players' side.

The players also have an average of a 5 year career and their average salary is (was?) $2.45m. Not too shabby I'd say. And for the hardship of going on 6 - 8 road trips during the season, having a Christmas break - oh yeah, and doing this for 9 months a year.

I realize they are the most skilled in the world at what they do, and they deserve to be compensated accordingly... I just think the $2.45m "should" be more than adequate, while it seems some players think Bobby Holik getting $9m was just fine, or even an underpayment.

And "doctors, lawyers, and your aforementioned mechanics, teachers" - they perform their skills for a lifetime, while hockey players get a finite # of seasons / games, and that's it. Would you be willing to pass on a season making $2.45m to try to make a point? Just to "beat" the owners at their own game?? Who really cares - you already got your money. The owners are just trying to ensure they also turn a profit.

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