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Furthermore, I drop the cap floor by $10MM. However, I set a threshold of 90% of the total cap. If league wide salaries do not total 90% of the salary max, then whatever is left over is carried over to the following year's cap. So, in 2012-13 with a $70MM cap, the total must reach $1.89B (63MMx30). If it reaches only $1.86B, than $30MM gets carried over to the following year, so the cap for each team would rise $1MM.


Ticket revenue is split, 70-30 for the home team.

Lower revenue teams will also get a larger chunk of any league-wide deals such as National TV deals, Winter Classic Revenues, etc. Rather than each team getting 1/30 each, the ten largest teams will get 1/60 (half-share). Teams 11-20 will get 1/30, and teams 21-30 will get 1/20. When you figure ten teams in each group, it becomes 1/6+1/3+1/2. (this could be subject to change if it turns out it is not enough actual cash to make a dent for the lower revenue teams).

I also use the 4-division format with re-seeding for the semi-finals and divisional play-offs.

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