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[QUOTE=dean youngblood82;54401299]Caught the final preseason ge in Windsor yesterday and was really looking forward to seeing how the kids played with all of the offensive talent out of the lineup (Gally, Boucher, Moore, DeAngelo, Anderson) and here are my thoughts (honest thoughts and I'm not trying to criticize any players but provide an honest assessment:

-Goldobin was excellent again. He might have the best vision on the team and will especially be a weapon on the PP. Jacko seems to like him too as he put him out in the final minute with the goalie pulled after about a 15 second rest

- Barrick is the backup if there was any doubt. Dawe struggled yesterday to find the puck and he was all over the net (iout of position). Barrick played well

- in my opinion, Hargrave isn't ready to play For the big club yet. I see two options that would be best for his development. First option: Send him to JrB (at least to start the year) to get some confidence. He appears to struggle handling the puck and that includes taking a pass. It's clear that he's got a wicked shot (heavy) and that's his best asset but he needs the confidence to get the puck. Second option (probably the likely option as he's a 1st round pick): keep him up but give him important minutes. Whereever he ends up he needs to get
Icetime to gain the confidence he needs. Throw him on the second PP as a net presence and utilize him that way. As we know from last year, not playing rookies enough isn't worth keeping them with the big club

- Addesi: another player that should probably be in JrB. At this point, I don't see a "need" for him to stay. He's serviceable but I think he might be better served receiving more minutes and he'd get that in JrB. It really depends on how management sees his potential.

- Renaud: in my opinion, Renaud is the '96 rookie who should stick. He's intelligent on the ice and shows good work ethic in all zones.

I'd recommend:


F Scratches: Hargrave, Mater, Addesi

Surprisingly, Sarnia only has one left-handed shot on the point (Nemecek)

Murphy- DeAngelo
Nemecek- Kyzmyk
Basso- Duininck

D Scratch: Chapman

JP Anderson
Brodie Barrick

PP1: Boucher-Galchenyuk-Sarault, Murphy-Basso
PP2: Brown or Dundas- Hottot-Goldobin, Nemecek, DeAngelo

Personally, I'd like to give DeAngelo first power play duties but it's more likely that will go to Basso

It's going to be interesting to see how the scratches go this season [QUOTE

So with the season opener less than 48 hours away, do you think JB is going to start the season with everyone he has, or downsize it a bit more. Seems like there is probably one D-Man too many and with Dawe, Barrick, and JP, seems like there is one tender too many. Any idea how long these extra players will be kept around? I am sure they all have respective teams to join should JB not have a need for them. They were all at the skate last evening so it is hard to say what he is planning on doing with the current size of the roster.

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