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09-19-2012, 07:49 PM
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Opened both boxes today. I pulled then Henrique base card on the 72nd and final pack. Easily the most happy I've been pulling a base card in a while. Got lucky and pulled a Calvin de Haan autograph.

I'll send you two PMs either tonight or tomorrow when I sort through my duplicates. Here's a quick start from the subsets:

Duplicates of:
Hot Rookies - 504 Silfverberg, 508 Nolan, 510 Foucault, 514 Cizikas, 518 Baertschi, 521 Schwartz, 525 Hunwick, 530 Prout, 535 Aliu, 539 Welsh, 544 Allen, 548 Stone.

The Franchise (Retro) - 1 Bucyk, 3 Bower, 4 Beliveau, 6 Hull.

Interesting things to note. Like JPP said, the collation is pretty bad. Lots of streaks of cards checked off and lots unchecked. When I opened my 2nd box, pretty much every pack had one of three results: (1) All 7 cards were new cards, (2) 6 of the 7 cards were duplicates with the 7th card (gold card) being a new card every single time, or (3) 5 of the 7 cards were duplicates, with the 6th card (subset) and 7th card (gold card) being a new card. Just thought it was kind of weird.

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