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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
If tomorrow, I wake up and find out I am the Grand Supreme Ruler of the Universe for a day here is what I would impose.

5 year ELC deals. All players currently ON an ELC get extended to make their original deal 5 years.

RFA is any player who finishes their ELC and will not be 26 years old before 9-15 of that year. Former team still has right to match offers. I would drop compensation. Any player who signs an offer sheet for less than $1MM annual salary, the compensation is a 4th rd pick. $1MM-$2MM, a 3rd rd pick. $2MM-3MM, a 2nd round pick. $3MM-4MM, a 1st round pick. $4MM and up two first round picks. Make the compensation somewhat reasonable so the RFA has an actual chance to sign an offer sheet with another team.

Cap, I posted this in another thread, it is not my idea, but I like it. Can't remember where I saw it, I think on this site. If it is your idea, kudos to you and feel free to say so.

2012-13, $70MM.
2013-14, $70MM or 55% of HRR, whichever is higher.
2014-15--> same as 2013-14 cap or 53% of HRR, whichever is higher.
2015-16--> sames as 2014-15 cap or 52% of HRR, whichever is higher.
2016-17--> same as 2015-16 cap or 51% of HRR, whichever is higher.
2017-18-->same as 2016-17 cap or 50% of HRR, whichever is higher.
2018-19 and beyond--->same as previous year or 50% of HRR, whichever is higher.

Basically, guarantees the cap does not go down, so players arent losing money for owners dumb decisions. If revenues do increase, the players share goes down by percentage gradually until they reach 50%.

Signing bonuses are allowed, cap hit is spread throughout life of contract. Salary must be the same for each year of the contract. If a player retires before the contract expires, the signing bonus cap hits will continue to count against the cap and the salary comes off.

Max contract of 8 years.

Keep the over 35 rule as is.

I am sure there is some stuff I am leaving out, but this seems to be the crux of the issue.
Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Furthermore, I drop the cap floor by $10MM. However, I set a threshold of 90% of the total cap. If league wide salaries do not total 90% of the salary max, then whatever is left over is carried over to the following year's cap. So, in 2012-13 with a $70MM cap, the total must reach $1.89B (63MMx30). If it reaches only $1.86B, than $30MM gets carried over to the following year, so the cap for each team would rise $1MM.


Ticket revenue is split, 70-30 for the home team.

Lower revenue teams will also get a larger chunk of any league-wide deals such as National TV deals, Winter Classic Revenues, etc. Rather than each team getting 1/30 each, the ten largest teams will get 1/60 (half-share). Teams 11-20 will get 1/30, and teams 21-30 will get 1/20. When you figure ten teams in each group, it becomes 1/6+1/3+1/2. (this could be subject to change if it turns out it is not enough actual cash to make a dent for the lower revenue teams).

I also use the 4-division format with re-seeding for the semi-finals and divisional play-offs.
Not a bad effort at all and I would bring in DL44's concept of $70 million or 50%.

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