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Originally Posted by CoyotesHFNHL View Post
From what I gather, this isn't 2008 when they traded with Barrie and added to Stamkos and the crew and won a playoff round. This is 2009. The big star has been picked 1st overall and is no longer with the team. They have all the pieces to be a good competitive team, but many of them are gone after this season with no one to replace them. This is the following year. When they did nothing at the deadline because they had a good team then were beat swiftly by Plymouth. All the players moved on and there was a two year rebuild. I'm suprirsed so many people are saying that they can't trade this year, or it would be a bad idea for them to trade away players this year. If they don't, be prepared for a 2 year rebuild. If they build up enough points, trade away the top guys who wont be there next year, the young players should be able to hold onto a playoff spot. They'll get knocked out in the 1st round, but if they can get some young talent back with those picks, then they will be able to avoid another rebuild. Thats just my take on it.

Dealing away players at the trade deadline will likely be the prudent thing to do given the current situation but is unlikely IMO for the following reasons : firstly, the team missed the playoffs in both 2009/10, and 2010/11.This happened in a league where 80 per cent of the teams make the playoffs every year.Missing the playoffs 2 years in a row is rare in the O but can occur if teams are really poorly managed.

The braintrust then turned around and tried to sell the fans that the reason for this failure was because the the team was implementing a new strategy where through patient development and building "brick by brick " thru the draft the team could rise to the upper echelon of the league. That strategy was quickly dumped when they brought in the current GM who traded away 7 future second round picks and 3 third rounders as well as the 2011 first round pick to take a run at winning the league last season. This is a hugely risky strategy and history proves it rarely works,The team lost out in 6 games in the first round of the playoffs.

So in 3 seasons Sting fans have seen a grand total of 3 home playoff games. Might be tough to tell the dwindling fan base that they should " wait til next year "(again) . The fans of this organization are among the best in the league to be still showing up especially given the fact that that this Gong Show has been ongoing for 18 years not just the last 4. I wouldn't want to own a piece of this,

I stand by my prediction that if the team is is middle of the pack by the trade deadline or better there's no way in hell they trade anybody,even if it's the right thing to do.. That's not the way this organization works

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