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09-19-2012, 08:48 PM
Nalens Oga
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I just can't go for the 5 yr ELC simply because of the term "4th year break-out." I think it's unfair for a guy who really does break out by then but was not a high pick to be getting much lower than others. Imagine if Giroux was getting his ELC amount (which I don't think was that high) in his 4th or 5th season. Of course what he's getting right now ($3.75 M) is still a bargain.

I am however in favour of putting some type of cap or % cap on RFA contracts OR at least the 1st contract after the ELC expires so that it doesn't cause problems with re-signing RFA's. Basically none of the Doughty holdout situations. I also don't like some of them being offered a $6 M deal after just 2 yrs so curb spending there but not to the point of making a guy who was a 2nd round pick but puts up 50-80 pts be earning less than $1 M because his ELC is 5 yrs long.

Also owners will never go for that gradual drop. It's a good proposal but I doubt they go through the trouble to have something that's not drastic at all or at least Bettman would refuse demanding a more significant drop in real dollars for now.

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