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09-19-2012, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by kap0r View Post
Tatar explicitly said in the interview I linked in the prospects thread, that he`s cleared to play either in Slovan or Trencin from the RedWings until the 10th of October.
Since SKA filled its roster with Kovalchuk & Tarasenko, I`d expect a similar situation as with Jaro Janus (G, Tampa Bay, rights held by Lokomotiv Yaroslavl) - he`ll be "loaned" for a season/couple of weeks by SKA, since he`s no use for them now.
I mean he even trained with the guys from Slovan during this summer.

Regarding the second part of your post, here`s another interview taken during the summer, where he adresses his issues with being held in AHL - roughly translated, he expects to be called up for couple of games this year and would be glad to get a shot with the Red Wings the next year.
AND he refused a lucrative contract with SKA after the IIHF World champs

He`s patient and glad to be a part of the organization, don`t worry
Wow the translator had some problems with that at parts. Thanks for the update.

He does bring up once again that he thinks he has some out in his contract that nobody else thinks exists in the event of a lockout. It was a different interview when doing a advertising thing that brought out my initial concern and his comments here have something similar.

He does clearly still want to stay in the NHL track, but I wonder what another season of being stuck in Grand Rapids is going to do. Lets be honest with the Wings forward numbers even if the lockout is averted he is going to have a hard time getting up.

I really like the way Tatar has improved, I think he and Nyquist could have huge years this year in Grand Rapids. They are both NHL ready in my opinion, I am expecting great things.

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