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09-19-2012, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
Nobody at HC has ever worded it like that...but rest assured there will never be any version Team Canada that is not representative of the "dual makeup" of the country and if that means the team is not as strong as it otherwise would be, then HC is more than willing to roll the dice on that bet.
We'll probably end up Fleury again...and I'm sure they'll pass Giroux off as a French Canadian.

Originally Posted by saskriders View Post
I wouldn't say Hall has a "good chance" I would put him on the bubble.
I think so, too. He's been injured for part of his first two seasons - will likely play only a partial season (if one occurs) this year b/c of the lockout - hasn't played at either of the last two WCs (I know that's not his fault) and has no NHL playoff experience. I think it would be risky putting him in the Olympics when the last "big tournament" experience he's had on Euro ice was WJC...this is particularly in light of the fact that we have significant depth at forward to choose from for 2014 (moreso than 2010). I'm not saying that he's not a great player...I'm just saying that there are only so many spaces and there are too many others I'd put in front of him.

With that said...I won't start whining if he makes it or anything - i have no personal pique against the guy. And on the upside for him, Yzerman really seems to like him.

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