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09-20-2012, 12:01 AM
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Smackdaddy are you on Katz payroll or something? You deserve a raise bud, you've been spewing Katz propaganda all day!

As a born and raised Edmontonian, and also as someone who loves the Oilers, it's really time for Katz to put up or shut up. The trail of broken promises has absolutely ruined his reputation in the city (suffice to say he's lucky to have any reputation at all after how terrible his hockey team has been). I appreciate Katz for coming in and buying the team and all the hype that went along with it but since he actually purchased the team, he sure hasn't done a hell of a lot other than threaten Oilers fans every chance he gets. It's like Pocklington v2.0 and that is the last thing Oilers fans need.

In all I feel like this negotiation process is as ridiculous as the labour dispute going on with the NHL and the NHLPA right now (I know they are both completely seperate things, but regardless, both disputes could be resolved rather easily). Katz has to put in more money or the deal won't get done, AND he has to stop asking for more from us. If anybody should be asking for more it should be the taxpayers of the city of Edmonton. You didn't hear us whine and complain about the deal at all until Katz went overboard with his demands. Now he just looks like a bully, and above all, a total cheapass.

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