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09-20-2012, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerFan14 View Post
All I have to say to this long and pointless message is that you will look like a fool when he doesn't even produce as much as a 2nd rounder should! And it doesn't matter if baliey and sterk were taking after him in the ohl draft look who is better now, he's a bust accept it.

....and all I have to say about your short and pointless message is that it's obvious that you didn't read mine very well. Nowhere did I say he'd "produce as much as a second rounder should". I said he was ranked in the second round in his draft year. If he doesn't produce as a second rounder should, I'll have no reason to look like a fool.

Also, I've been saying on this board since as far back as the middle of last season that I felt that Pederson was a bust as a 1st rounder. I've also said he was our worst 1st rounder since Micheal Pelech. But, as an OHLer, he isn't a bust at all.

Had we a second round pick last year, and took DeAngelo in the 1st (he was still on the board when we picked Pederson) and used that 2nd rounder on Pederson, I don't think many on these boards would be critisizing him as much as they have been. It's the fact he was our 1st rounder and the expectation that comes with being a 1st rounder that has been a lightning rod for critism.

Sterk and Bailey may be better than him now but that could change before their OHL careers are over. You never know.

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