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09-20-2012, 12:32 AM
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I too want to see a new arena built in Edmonton; the fans and the city deserve it. However, I don't want to see it built at any cost. Why does this thing have to be a billionaire legacy kind of arena project? To play "keeping up with the Jones's"? To prove that this city is competitive? You can do that with an arena of moderate grandure and with a funding plan that doesn't **** over the taxpayers like this one is. I for one am not one of the people willing to bend over and take it at any cost just to kiss a greedy billionair's ass. I'm sick of this guy taking Edmonton and it's citizens for a bunch of brain-dead morons.

As the deal currently stands, just say no to Katz. Re-tool it to make most of the liability on his shoulders, and I'll jump for joy.

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