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09-20-2012, 02:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Eriktion View Post
Paranoid of a Katz, the guy that doesn't want aspects of the deal made public, no never! The same guy who promised $100 million to the UofA and has totally renagged on that promise? I wouldn't call it being paranoid, I would just call it learning from experience.
Example of the 100m Donation to the U of A? If what you said was true, we would have known about it already.

As for the arena deal. The facts are already out there, you would be just as blind not to pay attention.

Originally Posted by Eriktion View Post
Great proposal for the city? If it was soooooo great you'd think Edmontonians would be jumping at the chance to bring some life to our downtown. I WANT this to happen, I want the Oilers to stay in Edmonton, I want to love the offer Katz has put before us. The truth is the deal as it stands right now sucks for the taxpayers of Edmonton and if Katz has his way, will only get worse. If he recently sold a company for $920 million, what is the point of nickle and diming people who could potentially worship you?!? All he is doing is turning this worship into hatred, and it will only get worse if he keeps up with his behind the scenes bargaining and ridiculous demands.
He sold a business, yet you have no proof that he personally pocketed his money. You ignore that he still actually has business outside of the Oilers.

No one worships an owner. You must be really dumb to buy into that ****.

As for the hatred, the only one that exists is from people like who tend to think with a matter that's located south of the border. Your aren't that much different from the Harper haters in politics: Hate, but without logic.

If you can't provide any common sense, then don't reply back.

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