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09-20-2012, 01:18 AM
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The thing that chaps my *** is that they cry "we just want to play" and "we're ready to get to the table and hammer out a deal whenever they want" from both sides, making lame videos for youtube and posting lame press releases on the website and yet they are not negotiating. Bunch of whining babies on both sides.
To me, both sides are to blame. The owners because, they can't hand out the deals they've been handing out...cough...Parise & Suter....cough....and expect for the players to give back as much as they are expecting them to give back. The players because they had a chance to start negotiating last year. They blew it off, then they were asked to start negotiating at the All-Star break. They blew that off as well. They finally meet with the NHL 1 ****ing time during the playoffs, and to top it all off take weeks to respond to the NHL's first proposal. The players are to blame for dragging this out to the very last minute and then cry when they are locked out. What did they expect?
Now they both sit, feeding the fans a mouth full of crap, like the game is stronger and more profitable than ever before. If it's that way, than why go through all this and damage what was a league that was, as they say, on the upswing?
It'll be just like the last lockout. In my opinion the players won't win. The players will finally fold, give into the owners demands, going through all this for not, and hopefully they'll oust Fehr like they did Goodenow.

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