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09-20-2012, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by uiCk View Post
Maxwell was a 'bust' because he didn't have the tools on the ice. i'm sure someone with better memory then can remind us of his precise flaws.

You'r choosing to speculate on his behavioural patterns based on snipets of incomplete information, is what seems a bit off and not right. i think, given the word around people who seem to follow kristo, based on ice performance, seems to be pretty positive, i think it's fair to say he's far from a "Bust". Not until next year at least, then we will have better ways to evaluate his status as "wasted prospect".

No one's projecting or expecting kristo to be elite, and even so, he's far from the habs fans radar right now. (outside of hf at least).

As for me giving info about kristo, well i don't follow his on ice performance, so i rather read posts from people like montreal who seems to follow him for a while.
Maxwell busted because he couldn't adapt to NHL-level speed.

I'm speculating based on evidence, obviously we'll never have a complete minute-by-minute account of Kristo's life but the details that do leak out have been all entirely negative (in terms of prospect quality, I'm sure I'd love to party with him sometime).

And I know and have seen enough busted prospect to not prorate his on-ice performance as a 21 year old playing in college into NHL-level potential. Tons of better prospects with better numbers have busted. He's a UFA this next off-season anyway, what's to even say he'll join us?

All I'm asking - especially from you guys who like to take personal shots at me - is a couple of notable examples of players who stuck through their college career entirely and still managed to have NHL careers. Because the way I see it, you're all sticking your heads in the sand and saying "well he could be good, you never know" when there is a giant mountain of evidence against Kirsto himself and against his odds of making it as a 23 year old.

So please, humour me.

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