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09-20-2012, 03:28 AM
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Love this game. It was awkward at first, but now the skating system feels great. Also love be a GM mode because:

1. The new potential system. In NHL 11 and 12, I would edit all players and career AHL'ers would end up NHL'ers in a few years even if they had no potential. Now, I can get guys like Corey Elkins and John Mitchell to stay 65-67 overall.

2. The CPU are making more proposals and are making more trades with eachother.

3. The players demand more realistic salaries. In NHL 11 and 12 you could afford Tuomo Ruutu and Chris Kunitz on your third line if you wanted to. Now guys like Daniel Winnik will even demand $1.5 mil.


Don't like:

- Goaltenders are too good. If I simulate a season, there's barely a goaltender who's below 92 svs%.

- Same thing with skaters. To little scoring. The first season I simulated Crosby won the scoring race with 88 points. Been doing some changes in settings and gotten a few players over 90 points, but bottom teams seem to be unable to get any player to reach 60 points. Giroux only got 36 points in a season I simulated.

- The graphics are bad, especially when it comes to physical play.

Overall, what you gotta like the most is the smarter AI. I play be a GM with a friend, and we play one position each and let the computer do the rest. In NHL 12 the computer wouldn't do anything, in 13 the computer basically scores as much as we do and defensemen can actually jump into the attack when they see an opening.

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