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09-20-2012, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
Bolded has you not even making sense in your own post.

GET REAL. Blacker is far and away a better defender than both Percy and Finn. They have proved NOTHING to this point. Percy can at least say he held his own in the AHL playoffs last year, though it's not like he lit the world on fire.

Holzer will provide our team with depth, and be a solid bottom pairing defender. Can either of Percy or Finn say that? I'll wait.....

Bottom line: Percy has had multiple head injuries, and who even knows if he will make an NHL career out of his game. Finn was drafted all of 3 months ago, and is an inexperienced 18 year old. Neither of them is anywhere close to Blacker on the learning curve. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

God, quit being such a homer for your little darlings.
Blacker is 3 years older than Finn, he should be ahead in his development as a player at the moment. I don't think you factored that into your analysis. Why are you measuring them at this point. As a scout or hockey GM you always try to project a player as a finished product 2 or 3 years after they are drafted.

Finn will show this year, his progression as a player last season was legitimate, I don't see a difference in him with players like Matta, Koekkoek, or Ceci, selected ahead of him in terms of being an effective D man in the NHL. That's how I am projecting him, not to Blacker right now, he is ahead of Blacker was at the same points of their careers. Not sure why you see Blacker as this savior, from what I have seen, he will not be a top pairing D man, he may slip into the top 4, but he is more apt to be a 5 guy. The guy can skate, he has some jam, he's fairly aggressive, but he does not possess the hockey IQ of Finn, Percy, he certainly doesn't have the package of Reilly of skill and smarts. So I just don't know where you see all this talent. Sort of like when I wondered where you saw all that talent in Grigorenko before the draft, and certainly after the draft when he was invisable again in another high profile tournament.

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