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09-20-2012, 05:57 AM
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i dont mind them still taking the payments out while theyre not playing.
Main reason is because it would be unfair to those that paid in full.

But it is gonna be odd when they take $172 out of my CC on the 22nd of the month, then refund my CC at the end of the month. Something will definitely get screwed up more than once with those transactions. Ive had so many screw ups with payments This will throw them for a loop.

The Bruins give us the option to pay for our tickets up until December. Which is good for me, because I basically live check to check.

Im definitely choosing option 2. That way my CC will be paid off by the time the season starts. If there is a season. And I'll still most likely renew next season anyways unless they plant a huge increase on us.

I just dont see them raising pices much even with a short layoff. Maybe $2 at the most.

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