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09-20-2012, 06:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
That's only ever happened to me during be a player under weird circumstances
It happens after someone dumps the puck in or clears the zone and you jump on the ice for a shift change.
It's at least once a game.

Here's three examples from a whopping one hour of play:

And my problem with hitting is that it's always biased.
Yes, it's obviously going to be harder when you're playing as a smaller player like Giroux, but open ice hits rarely do anything, even when I have them perfectly lined up.
On the other hand, the slightest touch from an opposing player destroys me (it's usually after I've lost the puck since every player magically knocks the puck away when you get close to them).
If by some miracle I don't lose the puck, I have to shoot since passing is somewhat broken.
Even then, I usually get destroyed by magnetic defensemen just as I'm getting the shot off and then lay there on the ice for five seconds or so.

I also love that you still get ***** in front of the net and it's almost impossible to get away.
Oh, and that they all but removed one of the big features from 12 (goalie collisions) and put the stupid force field around the crease, which hampers your ability to correctly defend.

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