Thread: Injury Report: Michalek out 4-6 weeks
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09-20-2012, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Legend Killer View Post
How soft is this guy??

I wonder if this will be his excuse if he has another awful year...
He has a career average of 53 pts (26 goals) per 82 games (including his rookie and sophomore seasons where young players usually develop and don't have very good numbers)

If he has had so many "awful years" in 7 NHL seasons, I guess it makes him a superstar in his normal/good years...

Originally Posted by HappyDude View Post
Murray really missed the boat on trading this injury prone guy. His value was so high after last season. I predict he will revert back to his typical oft-injured style.
81, 78, 79, 77, 66, 66, 77

That's the number of games played by Milan in his 7 NHL seasons

He played 524 games out of 574 possible games... 91.29%

I guess that makes Alfredsson super injury-prone...

He played 1131 games out of 1312 possible games... 86.20%

lol I'm sure 91% is better than the average NHLer...

Originally Posted by Legend Killer View Post
Everyone else on the Sens roster had awful seasons 2 years ago?? Alfie over PPG and Spezza just under is brutal?? Fisher's 53 points was bad??

33 and 34 point seasons are bad for your alleged best winger... at least in my opinion
Ok I see, you have a bias against Michalek. Let's try to debunk it.

In 2010-11, the team really struggled with offense, so yes Michalek didn't have great numbers like other Sens...

He still had 33 pts in 66 games, which is 41 pts (22 goals) over 82 games. 41 pts was good for 135th in NHL forward scoring that season, which is "on average" the 4th/5th best forward scorer on your team

In 2009-10, he was coming to a new team. May I remind you that those guys aren't robots, they are like everyone else but have a special hockey talent. Adaptation is not an automatic thing

He still had 34 pts in 66 games, which is 42 pts (27 goals) over 82 games. 42 pts was good for 129th in forward scoring that season, which is "on average" the 4th best forward scorer on your team

May I also point out that he had an anomalous season in terms of assists, maybe because of a lack of chemistry, maybe because the team tried to transform him into a goal scorer, etc.

So even if he had awful seasons, he still had 2nd line numbers by NHL standards. Last year, he had 1st line numbers and was 11th in goal scoring, despite missing 5 games

So he (hypothetically) scored 22, 27 and 37 goals for the Sens and people still whine

Damn spoiled kids

Ok final argument even if I don't really need to add one... Michalek is paid 4.333 not 7.0... he's not supposed to be a superstar, but a 50-60 pts winger, which he is (average of 56 pts per 82 games in his last 6 NHL seasons). Great thing about Michalek is that he is useful even when not scoring. He skates very fast and plays a 200 feet game, like PM preaches

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