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09-20-2012, 09:18 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Makes me want to scoop out my eyeballs with a a spork.

So essentially Perry+Getzlaf=Richards+Stepan. Murray would be fired on the spot for not hanging up for longer than two seconds.
Obviously, all things equal, bold is not true.

But all things are NOT equal.
If you are committed to re-sign Getzlaf at almost any number, that's one thing. Ditto Perry. However there is no awareness of any extension/new deal forthcoming. Conventional wisdom says no signing at current numbers to date, either new signings will not take place, or will be for top, top dollar with cap consequences.

Richards is comparable in age and about 80% of the talent, better in some ways, not the offensive weapon Getzlaf is. He is on a long term deal with a relatively good number, the longer you go in the deal the better that number is.

Perry and Stepan is a total mismatch talent wise. You do get first crack to extend Stepan at way less than what Perry will be.

As I explained, you and counterpart Hawk fans can't do this deal without a third team broker cause neither has enough C. To oblige BOTH of you, Rangers have to give up their 1st 3 Cs. That is why massive overpayment is needed/justified

Viewed in this context, acknowledging these true and real factors, the difference in value is closer.

Again, no one is putting a gun to anyone's head and saying this deal must get done.

But IF such a Duck - Hawk deal goes down, a third team will have to be massively overpaid to facilitate it.

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