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09-20-2012, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by ChrisNI View Post
I'm not a goalie but it drives me insane when players don't warm up the goalie, straight away start with dekes and heavy shots to get a nice goal!
It's a fupping warm-up!!

Bad time!

So how did your game go?
Learn anything?
Make any mistakes you'd not do next time?
So, the game actually ended up pretty bad score wise, but I had a blast. I really tried to focus on a few things like positioning, being in a good spot to support for outlet passes and stopping on the puck. All in all I thought I had a good game. I created a shorthanded chance with a poke check at the point and had a break away later in the game but the goalie made a nice kick save. I absolutely whiffed on a cross crease pass with an open net though

Things I need to work on/know for next time:
I should have used the warm up time better, I was a little apprehensive about what to do and didnt get as loose as a should have. I also still really need to work on my positioning and when to help out on an open guy. I'd like to work on my shot more, and I need to figure out how to be better on zone entries.

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