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09-20-2012, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Looch View Post
Agreed on the bolded.

I have had some bad situations already earlier this year. I was using a bank.debit card for my payments. I needed to switch over to use a credit card. You aren't able to switch payment methods on line on your account. You have to call and do it over the phone with your rep. So I did.

I gave him the number of the new card and confirmed that not only was the old card taken off as the primary card, but confirmed it was completely removed from their system all together.

Three weeks later I down in the outranks on vacation with my family. I walk up to the ticket window with my wife and kids to buy some tickets to walk up a light house. Hand the guy my debit card, "sorry sir, your card was declined." Huh? Can you try it again? "Sure. Sorry, declined again."

I whip out my phone and check my bank account. Sure enough the ******** charged my monthly payment to my debit card. I am on the beginning of a weeks vacation in which I am planning on using my debit card to pay for everything...and my balance is now in the negative!

They tell me they can try to have the box office reverse the charge, but it will take several days. Sweet!

Needless to say, this organization has not left me with reason to be pessimistic about how they handle financial issues. When in doubt, they will **** it up
Haha very true, I even had a tough time changing my email/home address on account not too long ago.

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