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09-20-2012, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Gm0ney View Post
Ok, here's my plan:

Edmonton pays me to build an arena/office complex/unicorn petting zoo. I'll put up some money of course - btw: can I borrow that money I'm putting up from the City of Edmonton? Cool! Thanks!

The city should also pay me a couple of million a year for advertising "Edmonton" (and hey, just 'cause I like you, I'll include "Edmonton" in the NHL franchise name - Edmonton Oilers...good? Good!). I'm sure the unicorn petting zoo will draw lots of visitors and really clean up downtown, too.

Oh, and I'll also need some extra money to cover operating expenses on my free know what Zamboni drivers are making these days? How does $6 million/year sound? Coincidentally, that should more than cover my annual loan payment to the city ($5.5 million/year)!

Also, that office complex? Gonna need tenants - wait a minute! How about you move city administration in there and pay me rent?

There are a few other minor revenues, tax collected on events at Northlands after the new arena's built (and paid to me), etc.

And if you don't like this deal, I'm moving the team to Hamilton. Maybe they'll appreciate the charms of a perennially terrible NHL lottery pick franchise!

Smackdaddy, I assume you're totally down with this plan?
It's just more uninformed ignorant rabble. Everything you said, minus asking the city to be a tenant, is either taken out of context or plain false. And you know why Katz asked? Because the city has no more space in the office they are in and they haven't been able to find a new place without breaking up departments. You know how I know this? Because my wife was a city employee.

But please. Continue to rabble. The more people like you refuse to get educated about the project the sooner the hammer falls.

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