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09-20-2012, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Babs View Post
Here's one for you guys. I have McFadden, Lynch, Spiller and Murray; I can only start 3 rb's. Who would you start?

Also my real dilemma is I have Bryant, Lloyd, T. Smith, and Britt at WR and can only start 2.

Really can use some advice here as I really need this win!!!
I think at this point, Spiller is an absolute must start. Leading rusher after 2 weeks, lasdt 5 games dating back to last year are solid, and the fact that you could play for the Browns run defense are all signs you should be starting Spiller.

I think McFadden finally does well this week and I like Lynch over Demarco Murray.

I'd go Spiller, Lynch, McFadden and then Dez Bryant and Torrey Smith at WR. Brady and Lloyd look off and the Ravens D won't make it any easier, plus Brady's O Line has been atrocious.

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