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09-20-2012, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
It's just more uninformed ignorant rabble. Everything you said, minus asking the city to be a tenant, is either taken out of context or plain false. And you know why Katz asked? Because the city has no more space in the office they are in and they haven't been able to find a new place without breaking up departments. You know how I know this? Because my wife was a city employee.

But please. Continue to rabble. The more people like you refuse to get educated about the project the sooner the hammer falls.
If it's all out of context or mistakes then Katz still needs help with PR and should have simply said that these requests were taken out of context and that they were just negotiations and he hadnt made any demands. That's not what we've seen from city council and it's not what Katz made it sound like in his interviews with local media.

We know he's made requests for more money, we know council has voted against giving him more money. We know the framework the city has approved is a sweetheart deal for him. He doesnt like talking to the media and obviously there's a reason for that cause he's not very good at it he should really look at getting some pr people.

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