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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
IIRC, the NHL governing documents (i.e., bylaws) do not allow "group" ownership as you propose (ala stock ownership). There won't be any "Green Bay Packers" type team in the NHL.
NHL Bylaw 34 puts restrictions on the sale of shares to the public:
- the total public shares are limited to a 49% non controlling stake.
- the NHL has to approve any owner with a 5% stake (and again at 10%, 15%, etc).
- purchase of shares in any team are limited to the public of the country where the team is located.
- ownership of shares by players or employees of other teams are prohibited.
- the NHL constitution would prohibit a Controlling owner in one team from owning any stake in another. A Non-Controlling owner is permitted to own up to a 30% stake in one club and up to 10% in two others.

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