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09-20-2012, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Halibut View Post
If it's all out of context or mistakes then Katz still needs help with PR and should have simply said that these requests were taken out of context and that they were just negotiations and he hadnt made any demands. That's not what we've seen from city council and it's not what Katz made it sound like in his interviews with local media.

We know he's made requests for more money, we know council has voted against giving him more money. We know the framework the city has approved is a sweetheart deal for him. He doesnt like talking to the media and obviously there's a reason for that cause he's not very good at it he should really look at getting some pr people.
The money he is asking for is an increase in the Community Revitalization Levy to cover the increased costs of construction due to the delays of getting this thing off the ground. The CRL essentially borrows future tax for construction costs today and is fully backed up by the project.

Not only that, but he's going to match the contribution. So that request to council for increased funding not only comes from a for-sure source (CRL), but Katz has also agreed to participate in a 50/50 split of those costs.

His "PR" is continually taken out of context by not only the local media but certain council members and made to make him look like some sort of crook. The meeting regards to the request for additional CRL revenue was supposed to be kept confidential on City Council's request, but someone leaked just the right information out to derail the whole thing and get those uninformed people in Edmonton rabbling again.

I look squarely at those numb nuts at Northlands and the council member who sits in their riding and has a vested monetary interest in the success of that company and would like nothing more than to get the $250M to renovate Rexall. You want to talk about a complete jobbing of the taxpayer? Look no further than Northlands.

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