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09-20-2012, 01:32 PM
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In all honesty, I dont know why, but I wouldnt be surprised if its still because of the demand in the pros. There are still a lot of pros skating on them, and if they're making at least a small portion for the pros, why not make some extras for the regular market.

Its likely why they come and go at times and it seems like they're out of stock and gone for good, then all of a sudden, you're searching their dealer site and find that they've completely resupplied them.

I'm not surprised by the confusion and there are probably dealers that dont even know because if you're not looking for them you wouldnt even know they were back in stock. Now they arent even in the same place that LS2 holders are, so if you're looking for those you wont even see C+ (which is how I first stumbled on it).

Anyway, you werent really wrong in saying they're hard to find because not many have them or know, but Bauer does seem to have them for now, who knows how long that will last though is like JR said over there, its likely the last time they'll be resupplied.

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