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09-20-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by rantfather View Post
Kenton Dulle had the misfortune to be coached at STU by the now fired coach, EX NHL er Mike Eagles who remains as the schools A/D.

Young Dulle was undoubtetly a thoroughbred player who was often in the dog house but deserved guidance and handling which the coach of the day was incapable of providing.
A university is supposed an institution of learning and guidance but was NOT provided in his case.

It is a mistake to believe that just because one plays in the NHL that it equips one with the skills required to instruct young minds adequately and that certainly was the case with Eagles who remains as A/D.

Kenton was as positive as be could be under the circumstances that he endured at STU and good luck to him at U of STU.
this is good stuff on Dulle. Who was that last guy on this dicussion board who ate him alive as a malcontent/cancer?? Think those out west we will go with this description and mister bitter nose should get out of the basement once in a while and see that the sun is shining!

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