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09-20-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
It pisses me off because the players are playing the poor me card and yet they delayed the negotiations, they are the ones that have yet to changed their proposal, and they want to continue under the old cba so they can make more money but act like it is for the love of the game. The players want the owners to put faith in them to play under the old cba and discuss a new one but Fehr has called a strike before playoffs before and players are not negotiating now why would they in a month. It pisses me off because the players want the fans sympathies for this lockout even tho they are at least equally to blame.
It seems like you're brewing up a complex potion using no ingredients. The video doesn't say all that. It's basically a few player's -- who aren't needed for negotiations -- claiming that the players want to play hockey, while the owner's want to lock out hockey. It's an oversimplification for sure, but they're not wrong.

So the player's haven't changed their proposal, so they are at least equally to blame? But had the player's put together an offer equal to the owner's proposal, we'd have a much bigger gap of revenue being negotiated right now, so in turn, the players are negotiating fairly. For example, if the player's emulated the owner's offer and proposed 70+% of HRR, I guarantee they would've moved from that postion during this negotiation period back to at least 57%. But they never asked for concessions from the owners! Similiarly, had the owner's said we'll take 43% HRR long-term, but need concessions now, then the owner's would look like they haven't changed their proposal. So when moving from bloody slaverly to only "dictatorship" appears like movement in negotiations, it's still no better than those moving from dictatorship to more dictatorship.

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