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09-20-2012, 03:28 PM
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I was really surprised when I saw the provisional release date. It's been so long since EHM went under and there have been so many pretenders that a wait of a few months seems almost too good to be true.

EDIT: I have been following WTHM now FHM, but I hadn't seen this quote from Habsfan18:
"That said, let's start with the basics: the game will let you pick a season and play from there - if you want to start in 1955, you get the teams and rosters that actually existed then. Every year, the new rookies will be added, and depending on your preferences, you can have them either show up on their historical teams or be available for drafting and signing. Hate that your team traded away a future Hall of Famer for a guy that broke down a couple of years later? Now you can avoid the mistake. Were they ruined by year after year of incompetent drafting? Well, do it yourself and see if you can make better picks. Been waiting four-plus decades for a cup? Go win one yourself."
I thought this was still a 'maybe next time' kind of thing. As a Canucks fan, this pleases me greatly. So much botched history.

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