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09-20-2012, 03:45 PM
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If you can ignore the fact that it's a player putting all the blame on the owners again, this is a pretty good read as to a huge difference in PoV between the two sides.

The players want to increase revenue sharing from 150mil to 260mil, with the additional 110mil going directly to the six or seven teams (so, about 15-20 mil per team) that need it the most. They believe that additional 110mil should come from some of the league richest teams (Toronto, New York, Montreal, etc). According to the article, the Leafs put in 20mil into revenue sharing last year, about 10% of their total revenue. If revenue sharing changes in the way of the other leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL), the number for richer teams would be 31% or higher. So to save the Phoenixes of the league, the Leafs (and other richer teams) would put in another 40mil into revenue sharing.

The owners want to increase revenue sharing from 150mil to 190mil, keeping the same distribution of the current sharing plan. They believe the additional 40mil should come directly from the players, which is why they're asking the players to take a cut from 57% to 47% in HRR. The concerns, obviously, are that the owners are simply going to do the same thing again in 6-7 years, when this cut still isn't enough to sustain the smaller markets, because large portions of the revenue sharing plan are still going to the teams that don't need the help.

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