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The payment is made 30 days after the end of the month, so essentially a month after the given month of cancelled events. There's 2 reasons why its being done that way. The first is the obvious that they're refunding money on games already cancelled, after that given month. Far easier to do it that way than say the beginning of the month or any point where the schedule for that given month may still change if a deal is suddenly reached. The second reason why its 30 days after the end of the month is just because of the convoluted mess financial red tape that every sports team (and probably many businesses in other industries) have for any sort of out-going payments or just about any size (except for maybe things that are very small, like $20 or less). Any invoice I've had to process for any team I've worked for, regardless of size, always takes weeks because of all of the approvers that have to go into the system and sign off on whatever. There is no automatic approval in these things. Fastest I was ever able to process any kind of invoice was 2 or so weeks, and that was with being very pushy and preaching the urgent nature of the purchase/payment. Given the bulk of payments we're talking about here, it really just can't be done any faster.

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Not sure what else they can do. Basically, they are offering refunds (or interest-bearing credits) as games are cancelled (retroactively, at the end of the month). I suppose they could offer the refunds/credits immediately upon cancellation of the games (for example, the Sept. pre-season games are already cancelled).

However, there is also the possibility that the games may be "made up". In other words, as of today, there is still (at least theoretically) a possibility of 41 regular-season games + 3 pre-season games.

I would expect, if there is a lengthy lockout (and a shortened - or worse - season) they will do something else to thank sths for their patience, etc.
Probably will. Who knows what it will entail, or what it will be, but assuming there is a lengthy enough lockout I imagine there would be something. After the last lockout, ticket holders were offered 1 free replica jersey (could be personalized) for each seat on the account. I don't know what the cutoff was on types of plans that were eligible, but we had a weekend plan at the time and received 4 jerseys for our 4 tickets.

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