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Originally Posted by KuleminFan41 View Post
Am I the only one who thinks it wouldn't be a great idea?There are already so many Leafs fans as it is who would really jump ship? There's also a lot of people who hate Toronto and have their own American hockey teams despite being Canadians so I don't think that would really work either

IDK, to me I don't see it working really
People said the same thing about Ottawa.

A second team in the GTA will do just fine. You'll never approach the breadth of fanbase and support that the Leafs receive, but you'll do just fine in terms of fans and corporate support (the latter is far more crucial). Of course, your new owner will need to address the relocation fees that the NHL imposes - which will be massive in order to enter the southern Ontario market.

And there's the little matter of the rumoured (but not publicly acknowledged) territorial rights that each NHL franchise holds over their region -- MLSE would likely never relinquish their sole control of this market willingly, but for arguments' sake for your project assume that there's a massive payoff to MLSE as well.

Google is your friend - there have been countless articles written in recent years on the idea of relocating teams, struggling NHL franchises, the new Markham arena and so on, going back to Jim Balsillie's first attempt to buy Nashville and bring it here. (Actually, they go much farther back than that, but that's a good starting point for a current project).

Do some actual research that you can quote from and attribute in your notes for the project. (You can't exactly put "I asked some guys in a message board on the internet" in your bibliography.) Also do research on the demographics, businesses, population projections and transportation connectivity for your proposed location over the next 20 years. It's about as far out as most municipal and transportation planning looks, and should be readily available on the local municipality's website. That will give you an idea of your potential market and corporate support over a reasonable timeframe.

As to where exactly to locate it, and what to name it... seriously, with all due respect, you're in a Sports Marketing class. You can't come up with this stuff?

Having said that, I'll offer this small aside: Whatever you do, don't name it after the local municipality - Markham, Mississauga, Kitchener... none of those names mean a damn thing outside of this region. The Coyotes are located in Glendale, but they're called Phoenix for a reason. Even the Islanders are called the New York Islanders, not the Long Island Fishsticks. If the team is in the GTA, call them the Toronto _______. If it's in Hamilton, you could arguably say Hamilton (even though Mississauga is actually bigger). If it's in Kitchener or somewhere else removed from TO, then you'll need to be more creative because there's no readily identifiable city or region to associate with. (Except "Great Lakes", but that would work better if you were actually on the lake, which pretty much means Hamilton in terms of eligible locations).

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