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Here’s how my evaluation of some of the top guys has been affected through the last couple weeks of exhibition games and the Super Series. I’ll use a simple PLUS, MINUS, NO CHANGE system.
(All athletes are listed alphabetically, and by position.)

Gingras – MINUS … has not yet showed the ability to dominate, except against weak opposition.
Jost – PLUS ... my new #1 Forward in BC.
White – NO CHANGE … still out with injury.
Hanoun – NO CHANGE ... thought he would show more flash, more finish, but still looked plenty good.
Jake Kryski _ NO CHANGE … same comment as for Hanoun.
McDonald – PLUS … POE has at least two real game-changers.
Malenstyn – PLUS … looks like most of OHA’s offensive output will have to come from him.

Barberis – NO CHANGE … that’s not a knock, he’s just so steady, so reliable.
Fabbro – PLUS ... didn’t think I could be more impressed but he could possibly go 1st overall.
Anderson – PLUS … wish he could have played for any US team in that Super Series, would love to watch him deal with the likes of Jost, Kryski, Hanooun.
Cholowski – NO CHANGE … still solidly among top 10 D-men.
Paivarinta – MINUS … discipline problems and a shortage of skills.

Josh Barrett – NO CHANGE … apparently stuck in PCAHA paperwork.
Jeremy Kelleway – NO CHANGE … only saw one game, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.
Tyler Shugrue – MINUS … looked very shaky in one game, okay in another.
Nic Tallarico – PLUS … good speed, skills are solid, and he seems a little taller.
Brody Wilms – NO CHANGE … one good, one not-so-good.

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