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Originally Posted by Frenzy1
I understand the deal completely and I think it is a poor deal. This is a quantity for quality trade and quite frankly the Blues do not have enough Quality to give it up.

Look at the Blues system - we have plenty of 3rd and 4th liners with a few 2nd liners at forward plus a few Dmen that look to be 2nd pairing. We also have a couple of boom or bust guys. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY ELITE TALLENT AT FORWARD OR ON D.

Adding late picks in the 1st round this year will not change that. You are looking at 2nd pairing Dmen or 2nd line/3rd line players.

This is a chance to get a difference making player. Trading that to bring back a tweener (between the 2nd and 3rd line) C in Handzus w/o out claiming one of their young great Centers (Carter/Richards/Umberger) is a mistake.

This would not help the rebuilding but further delay it. You have a chance to add someone along the lines of a Rob Blake/CP to the roster - you do not pass that up in a quality for quantity trade. (SEE BREWER et al.)
1. Frenzy, I hope you don't think the "you have little understanding of Handzus' value" response was meant for you... I was meant for Jimmerson, who just pooh-poohed the whole deal, and Philly's prospect stable, without offering any basis for his opinion. People who do that just irritate me...

2. I disagree that the Blues have no "elite" talent in the organization. The Blues have several players that, in any other system, would be considered blue-chippers -- Oshie, Backes and Soderberg, to name but three.

If you, or anyone else, thinks that any of those guys wouldn't be The Next Big Thing if they were in Jersey's system, or Ottawa's, or (God forbid) Detroit's, well...

I agree that the Blues probably don't have a legitimate top-pairing d-prospect in the system, although I think Scott Jackson could get there... that's why I'm emphasizing that Alexandre Picard (6-02, 214, 20 years old) be the prospect that comes along with Handzus and the picks. More on that below.

3. I understand your desire to get Johnson into the system. I share it. But, as I said above, Alexandre Picard + picks at 22, 27, 31 and 39 is better for the rebuild than Erik Johnson + picks at 27 and 31.

I am fully confident in Jarmo Kekalainen's ability to turn those four picks (22, 27, 31 and 39) into legitimate top-six forwards and/or first-pairing defensemen.

Picard is legit, the real deal. I'd sacrifice Johnson for Picard plus the extra picks. Just as an example, the Blues could probably draft Timo Seppanen with the #22 pick. Read up on him, and tell me if you think he doesn't have a legitimate shot at being a top-pairing defenseman. Or Yuri Alexandrov. Or Mark Mitera. Or David Fischer. Or Carl Sneep.

Are any of these guys Johnson? No. But any of them, plus Picard, gives the Blues two potential first-pairing d-men, instead of one.

Ty Wishart could easily fall to #22... he's ranked 21st overall in North America right now, and there will be at least two or three Euros, and a goalie, chosen before the #22 spot... not to mention to inevitable reach or two by a team drafting in the second ten.

4. Handzus may be what you call a "tweener," but he fills a need on this team... a veteran leader who is responsible defensively and can score a little. He's only 29, which means he can still be a contributing factor in five years when the rebuild is done or in the final stages; he doesn't command an outrageous salary; and he is a well-regarded ex-Blue.

Don't discount the importance of the last factor in the Blues' plans to get fans back to the Kiel Center; it's a major reason why Brendan Shanahan may well be heavily pursued as a UFA this summer by the Blues.

5. As I said above, as soon as you mention the names "Richards," "Carter," or "Umberger" to Bobby Clarke in the context of a trade proposal, the next sound you hear will be a "click" on the other end of the line, followed by a dial tone. Why kill a deal that could bring great benefits to the franchise by insisting on a player in return that you know the Flyers consider a deal-breaker?


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