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09-20-2012, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrescupbound View Post
I wouldn't take 3 Getzlafs for 1 Malkin, Crosby, or Ovechkin. And yes, if you put Paul freakin Gausted between Perry and Ryan, he would look like a totally different player. Much as if you put Getzlaf between Leino and Gerbe, he would look like a totally different player to. Getz would score his 10-20 goals but his assists would drop to nothing. You could put the other guys mentioned with anyone and they'd still get 60-70 points.

Get'z is a good center, don't get me wrong. But I just don't think he's an end all be all center that a lot of people make him out to be. Would I like him on the Sabres, yeah. Would he be as produtive? Maybe, between Vanek and Pommers, I could see him racking up some assists. But I wouldn't give a guy who I think is going to be a 60-70 point player with mediocre line mates.

The point is Get'z plays with great winger's, who have good chemistry. He comes to Buffalo, I see him scoring 15 goals and getting around 30-40 assists. If a trade was to ever happen, I would just be very careful who I gave away. Fan's would be pi**ed seeing Ennis between Ryan and Perry getting 80 or 90 points and Getz getting 50 in Buffalo
You can use your opinion as an argument all day long, but it doesn't change the fact that Ryan Getzlaf is 1 of only 15 players in the entire league who has averaged over a PPG for the past 5 seasons combined. (That even includes his disappointing season) You don't just get thrown between 2 great players and become a PPG player on a consistent basis the way Getzlaf has done without being an elite talent. It doesn't work that way. If it did, you would see many more players doing it. Based on the statistics, your argument holds no weight, because even many of the best players in the league don't even post a PPG on a regular basis despite playing with top line talent each and every season. Using your argument, since Malkin is better than 3 Getzlaf's, there is no way his line mates shouldn't do what Getzlaf does each year, right? I mean, they are playing with someone that's so good that he is worth more than 3 Getzlaf's so it should be a no brainer that those line mates should be posting a PPG. Right? Care to point out which of his line mates have done that? Then, care to point our which ones have done that on a consistent basis, year in and year out? How about Crosby's line mates? Care to point out the ones that did that with him? just doesn't work the way you think it does...

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