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09-20-2012, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by The Dark Passenger View Post
Really people are saying JPP needs to step it up? He has been the best defensive player we've had the last two weeks. He didn't get a sack in the Dallas, but he was constantly in Romo's face and was disrupting runs left and right. He got a sack last week, and was a huge factor in the run.

I agree, Tuck and Osi need to step it up, but JPP is clearly in a class above them right now.
Another thing about that Dallas game, he was constantly being double-manned and he was making that OL constantly jump offside. It goes to show you who the OL is really scared of.

The only highlight I saw of Tuck was him getting thrown to the ground against the 'Bucs and Osi has been absolutely unnoticeable.

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